Here is a list of national groups, agencies and companies that are there to assist those with mental health symptoms.

This amazing organization wants to bring awareness of suicide prevention to the nation. They also have great resources for anyone who is looking to help prevent the early death of a loved one in their life.

Looking for more local resources in your community? Here is great place to find them. 

This is the website of an amazing woman, Amy Simpson, who is spearing heading the movement to help churches see just how important mental health is. 

If you or someone you know needs to call and talk to someone about how hectic, out of control or overhwleming life is then the can call here 24 hours 365 days a year.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance-This is an awesome peer organization for men woman and families that have or have family or friends with Bipolar or depression. They have local chapters that offer support from groups to podcast and articles by professionals and peers. 

Empowering individuals to live well in spite of a mental health diagnosis along with their loved ones through peer-to-peer Christian mental health support groups that are recovery principle driven.

National Alliance on Mental Illness- This organization is the most well known place for anyone looking for support whether they are someone who has a mental health condition or the family and friends of someone who does. They have support groups, fundraisers, and more all in the hope of the betterment of the lives of those with mental illness and bringing awareness to the world.

Steve Austin is a life-coach, speaker, writer (Pastor to the Psych ward), and host of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast. Steve's goal is to help clients and audiences create a lifestyle of focused emotional health and clarity.

this website started off as a conversation between two people, one who was dealing with addiction and mental illness and someone who care, became an organization that wants to spread hope and love and support for anyone dealing with mental illness.

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